Hey Everyone,

I am from Tisdale, Saskatchewan and I am currently in my fourth year in the Middle Years Education Program and I love playing with technology. I have not always been great with technology, but people seem to say that I have a talent for it. I think that is just because of the practice and willingness I have to learn more about technology. My experiences with educational technology would include blogging on my Education Portfolio, uploading my own personal YouTube videos, and using hashtags. I will have to admit though, that I had been putting off the idea of getting a Twitter account because I thought that it was a pretty useless form of social media. But now that I needed to have an account for this class, I gave in and created one. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, feel free to take a look at my account so far. Even though I have only had a Twitter account for about a week, I can say that I am enjoying it and can already see the benefits of having an account. I am enjoying the idea that it is broadening my networking abilities and providing me with resources to aid myself in my future education career.

My thoughts on blogging are mostly good ones because I have had two years of practice perfecting my own education Portfolio in my other education classes. I am looking forward to this semester of blogging because I know that I can still learn more about how to prefect my blog posts and Education portfolio. I also find blogging to be relaxing and a way for me to be creative, network, share my knowledge, reflect on my past teaching experiences, gain feedback from others, and learn new skills in technology and communication. I am also excited about learning more educational technology tools, so that I can incorporate them into my future classroom.

~ Lila Gaertner ~