Before this class, I did not have a Twitter account, but now that I do, I am beginning to see how it can benefit me as a future educator. As I have been exploring and using Twitter these last few weeks, I can see that not only is Twitter a great place to find educational resources to broaden my knowledge, but it is also a great place to reflect and increase my engagement beyond the classroom, gain professional development opportunities, receive positive feedback and constructive criticism from other educators, build connections and communicate with colleagues, ask for help and suggestions, build my PLN (Personal Learning Network), and get my name “out there” in hopes of getting a future career as a teacher.

I am not sure yet how Twitter could be used in the classroom, but I could take a guess and say that I could use Twitter to get my students involved in creating their own PLN’s at a young age (This would be with my future Middle Years students). If my students wanted to learn more about a certain topic for class, I may even direct them to Twitter so that they could gain resources from there. As far as professional development goes, I believe that there is a lot to learn from your peers, colleagues, and friends. Like David Truss said, “Twitter can also be used as a tool to connect and learn with and from other educators and social learners”.

This evening, I was given the opportunity to take part in a Twitter Chat with #saskedchat through TweetDeck. Through this experience, I learned that Tweet Deck is an amazing tool that can be used for teachers to have valuable learning opportunities from each other. It is also a great way to enhance your personal Professional Development as an educator. I also learned not only how to participate in the chat, but how to expand my professional development by reading what my peers and colleagues thought about technology in the classroom. Overall, I can say that being a part of this Twitter Chat was a very beneficial and enjoyable experience and I will definitely partake in another #saskedchat again.