Here are some of my quotes from my discussion forum and things that I have learned over the last few months in my ECS 100 class.

Topic One:

~ “Well I think there are many reasons why I want to become a teacher, but I will start off by giving some background information.
When I was in grade one, I remember a class assignment that we had, which was to decide what we wanted to be when we grew up. Naturally, I chose a teacher and I continued to draw myself in the space provided wearing a yellow dress and high heels because that is what I pictured myself wearing as a teacher! Haha! Looking back to elementary school, my grade one teacher, Mrs. Damarche, was one of the nicest teachers I had and I remember her to this day because of her kindness and patience with everyone in her class. So from a young age I wanted to be like Mrs. Damarche. As I grew older and had many other teachers in my life, I always appreciated all of my teachers. I also wanted to be like them as well because I found them to be inspiring, loving, and caring. They also challenged me to learn in new ways and work harder. I have always loved school and learning and therefore, I want to make school a positive environment and learning experience for all students. I also want to be able to teach in accommodating ways, so that all types of learners can learn in the way that they learn best. I see this teaching opportunity to be a great way to be a positive role model for students, serve others and fulfill my passion of both teaching and children.”

Topic Two:

~ “I believe that hearing other people’s stories and experiences are important to learning. By hearing other people’s stories we as teachers are able to be more knowledgeable about: what it means to be a teacher, how we should present ourselves and how to act as a professional teacher. As you hear other people’s stories you also begin to think about your own story and think about what you believe.”

Topic Three:

~ “I believe that it is important to have: quality education; growth in knowledge about one’s self and what they believe in; and opportunities to serve others in ways that society needs.”

Topic Four:

~ “As we are learning to become teachers, we need to learn from the historical events from Canada’s past education system because by knowing this, we will be able to see how we can try to improve the way we teach and run the education system today. It is important to learn about the past so that we are constantly able to move forward in our learning and our teaching. The hope is to look at the past and create a quality of education where all students are given equal treatment and education no matter their class, sex, or race, etc. I think everyone deserves equal opportunity to learn in a safe environment.”

Topic Five:

~ “I believe that it is a good thing that there are independent schools because this way parents and students can find a school setting and education program that meets more of their needs.”

Topic Six:

~ “As future educators, we need to be more understanding that people are unique and different, and we need to respect them no matter what. If we become more aware of “the other” – the groups that are traditionally marginalized in society, other than the norm (Ex. students with disabilities, or limited or no English language proficiency), then we will be well on our way to creating equality. That is the first step. The second step is to talk about it with other people who are unaware of the inequalities that are going on around them. By telling others about what you are learning, you will start something in them that will make them want to change their actions towards others. My hope would be that once personal reflection occurs, more people will think before they act or speak. Hopefully they will think about how they may be discriminating or oppressing others and then they will think and stop acting on their socially constructed ideologies such as, that ‘some people are better than others and that they need to be treated differently’. But the truth is “the others” do need to be treated differently…differently from what they are being treated like now. They need to be respected and loved. If people start respecting and loving others more, then there will be more equality in our society and our schools.”

Topic Seven:

~ “I really dislike the way things were with the residential schools and how the aboriginal people were forced to be split from their families and their homes. It also make me sad to think that a lot of aboriginal languages were lost because children were forced to speak English in their classrooms. Therefore they spoke their native languages less and less. But the story doesn’t end there. Today there are programs that help educate others to be aware of the past and know that things can be turned around and we can try to make amends and live together in peace and as one people on the land. I think that the key thing to learn here is that we are all in this together and are treaty people. Therefore, it is time for hope, love, change, and reconciliation.”