Well, this semester has been a busy one, but I managed to get it all done in time. This is my final blog post for my #ECMP355 learning project, but my learning and adventures with crocheting will continue on because let’s face it… I’m hooked! I believe that this class helped me kick start a project that I will continue to teach myself for many years to come. I can say that I feel pretty accomplished overall and that I am proud of what I have been able to teach myself by using online sources and technology.

Now, I want to show you a re-cap of what I have learned over the last seven weeks and some of my resources that I used. If you want to click on the links beside each labeled week, that will bring you to each of my Learning Project Posts.

Week One – “Ready Set Crochet

  • This week, I decided to choose crocheting as my learning project.
  • I hoped to be able to read and understand crochet labels/patterns, know the crochet abbreviations, and be able to create multiple projects such as: wash cloths, bookmarks, headbands, and a baby blanket for my sister by using the different crochet patterns (single, double, triple, etc.) by the end of the semester.
  • I would say I came close to learning all of those! I just didn’t get the chance to make a bookmark or a headband. Maybe I will do that in the near future!


Week Two – “And The Learning Begins

  • This week, I focused on learning the basics of crochet labels, abbreviations, and symbols on balls of yarn.
  • I found the following resources to be extremely helpful to me this week because they had charts that were easily legible and clear: The Whoot, a Crochet Symbols & Directions Chart, Frequently Used Abbreviations, and a Crochet Cheat Sheet.
  • I even referred back to these charts and pictures throughout my learning project! That’s how useful they were!


Week Three – “Stitches, Stitches & More Stitches

  • This week, I focused on learning the three basic types of crochet stitches: single stitch, double stitch, & treble stitch.
  • I was able to teach myself all of these by watching some videos done by Sewrella that were a part of her YouTube series called “Crochet Beginner Series”.
  • I also learned to make a slip knot and chain stitch by watching Sewrella’s videos on her channel too.

Week Four – “Granny Squares & The Magic Circle

Week Five – “Decorative Accessories

  • This week, I focused on learning how to make bow ties and flowers that could be added to a hat, headband, clothing item, baby item or even a hair pin.
  • This week, I learned that the bow ties I was trying to make needed a double treble crochet stitch, instead of a treble crochet stitch. Therefore, I needed to refer back to my Week Two blog post to brush up on the different types of stitches.
  • I also found that Happy Berry Crochet had a slower paced video to create a flower and therefore, I thought it would be easier for a beginner crocheter.

Week Six – “Withstanding Roses

  • Since I loved making the flowers last week so much, I decided to focus on making 3D roses this week.
  • I found this Crochet Rose Pattern randomly online, but I am glad that I found it.
  • I ended up spending many hours making three crochet roses and my own Crochet Rose Pattern video on YouTube, so if you would like to watch it feel free to do so by clicking here.

Week Seven – “First Baby Blanket Creation

  • This week, I spent many hours making a crochet baby blanket for my sister’s new baby.
  • I had a lot of patterns to pick from on my “Crocheting Ideas” Pinterest board, but I ended up using the pattern from Mrs. Brits blog.
  • I learned this week that it is easier to just follow along with what the pattern says, rather than changing your crochet hook and then having to change how many chains or rows of crochet you have to do.

So there you have it! You can use technology and the internet to teach yourself pretty much anything! You can also challenge your students to do a similar task like this learning project to help them grow in their digital literacy and ability to teach themselves a new skill by using online resources. They will also learn new skills on how to showcase their learning by creating videos or blog posts online.

Thanks again for reading and supporting me along on this journey and learning experience. I hope you enjoyed my blog posts about my crocheting adventure! Feel free to come back and re-read or use the patterns I provided any time!


Till Next Time!