To Whom it may Concern,

Hello, my name is Lila Gaertner, and I am currently in my third year in the Middle Years Education Program at the University of Regina. I am excited to start my pre-internship and to work with you in your classroom as I train to become a teacher.

I have always wanted to become a teacher, and now that my dream is becoming my reality, it is exciting for me to be given the chance to learn from someone with similar passions about children and education. This year I am excited to work towards: equity in the classroom, teaching to all types of learners, and creating a safe space of inclusion with a zero tolerance policy towards bullying.

I am a person who is interested in the arts, and I especially enjoy drama, singing in a choir, playing the flute in band, and taking leisurely pictures of the outdoors. I have been involved in multiple school plays and musicals and have taken a Theater 100 class at the University of Regina. I have also been in multiple choirs in the past throughout high school and University. I have been involved in band from grades six to twelve and in the community band on campus at the University of Regina for two semesters. As for photography, I love to take pictures of the outdoors and loved taking a photography class in high school. I also enjoy crocheting and reading books in my spare time. As for sports, I was involved in soccer, basketball, cross country, and track and field when I was in school and still enjoy all of these activities as an adult.

My favorite subjects in school were science, physical education, band, and drama, though I also found myself excelling in English and math. This year I am very open to teaching any subject, but the ones I have listed above are the ones that I would feel most comfortable teaching. As a future educator, I find that it is important to be open to teaching anything and to look into deepening your own knowledge on new subjects so that students are engaged even though it is not your favorite subject. And who knows, maybe I will like teaching the subjects I did not necessarily like in high school! I am always up for the challenge of trying something new.

As I spend time in your classroom this semester, I hope to be able to: reach out to the students if they need guidance, treat them fairly, meet their needs in the classroom, help them achieve their goals, and teach them further understanding and knowledge on different worldviews. I also hope to continue to refine my lesson planning skills and to continue to improve my confidence and speaking abilities in front of a class.

In closing, thank you again for welcoming me into your classroom this semester. I look forward to meeting you and all of the students, getting to know you all, and learning from you.  See you soon.


Lila Gaertner