Math Examples – Here is a site that gives examples of different Math Questions in different grades. They have examples from Jr. Kindergarten to Grade 12. Check this site out if you are interested in looking for some math questions in certain grades that focus on certain skills.

One mathematical topic that always seems to have some discussion is the gender gap in mathematics. This is why I chose to research and find out more information on this topic for my EMTH 217 class. Here is a quote from the first page of my paper.

“According to Sofia Catsambis (2005), the gender gap in mathematics has been an issue of national concern since the mid-1970s because it is a matter of educational equity with extensive consequences for the lives of women and their families (p. 220). Since educational equity is important to all educators, it is important for educators to know about the gender gap in mathematics.”

So, since the gender gap in mathematics is a topic that I think is important for all educators to know about, I will supply you with a copy of my paper, so that you can further understand the gender gap and further your knowledge on what you can do to create equity in your mathematics classrooms.

Gender Gap in Mathematics Paper

Miss German’s Math Resources – Here is a link where you will find everything you need to stay up to date with your child’s numeracy classroom and involved in their learning. Included in this site is a list of units and lesson plans for grades one to six mathematics classes. This is a very useful tool that you will not want to miss out on.