Here is a visual of my Ideal Classroom that I sketched on a piece of loose leaf. This classroom sketch could work for any grade, but it would ideally be for grades one to nine.

My Ideal Classroom

In this picture you will see that there are 6 tables with 6 chairs around each table. I put those there because it was an even number, but in reality it might be a bit squishy, so I could just rearrange the chairs depending on how many students I have in my classroom. The small grouped tables would benefit the Interpersonal learners and help the students share ideas while learning. I put a bulletin board on the left side of the room because it is a great space to put up the student’s work and a calendar of upcoming events. The window in the left corner and the counter is a great naturally lit space for students to work independently and have access to a great view of the outdoors to be inspired by nature. This corner would benefit the naturalistic and the intrapersonal learners because they have a space to themselves to work and view nature outside the window. There would also be iPads or laptops available here at this station. This would be where students could learn from technology by using mathematical, musical, or visual applications to help their learning. In the right corner, there is a reading corner with counters and shelves with books and things to play with. There are also pillows to lounge on. There would also be pillows on the counters for the students to sit on and read a good book. This corner could benefit the linguistic, visual, and logical learners because there would be specific books that interested the different learners. It would also benefit the kinesthetic learners because on the shelves there would be manipulatives for the students to play with as they read a book. For example, they could use a fist sized ball to squish with their hand during their reading time or even in their seats as they learned a lesson from the teacher. Overall, I think that schools should be a space of equity for all types of learners and students no matter what their class, age, culture, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, language, intellect, ability, or life experience and my hope would be to carry this out in my ideal classroom.

Comments from others:

“Lila, I think your design could work for just about any age level! It includes small groups, windows (we all love and need natural light), technology that is integrated at different learning stations, variety of learning resources and spaces, comfy places to relax, interact, learn.

Your design has been created with the multiple intelligences in mind and that’s so cool! It’s a great way to think about spaces, places, learning experiences for all kinds of learners. I’ve seen some students plan amazing unit plans using the multiple intelligences as a framework for planning. I’m sure YOU will build on this design as you continue learning more about differentiated learning.” ~ Julie Machnaik ~

“Lila, As I was viewing your classroom picture, I immediately connected to mine because I also have the desks into six and feel that students feel comfortable in groups where they can share and interact confidently  I have to agrees that teachers have to know who their learners are and also the other facts that students should be valued.   I also liked that schools should be a place of equity where all cultures, religion, race, and ability is recognized.” ~ Sharmin J. ~