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This page helps others to gain a better idea about the “R” Word Campaign. It is a day set aside to make others aware that the “R” word is no longer appropriate to use in our everyday language.

On December 3rd, 2015 I presented a formal presentation on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) with another student named Chantelle who is currently in her 4th year of the Kinesiology Program. As a part of the ESS (Education Student Society) I came along side Chantelle to help inform current first year Kinesiology students about IDPD, and proper language to use while referring to people with disabilities. This year’s theme is “Inclusion Matters: Access and Empowerment for all”. This theme helps others understand that we need to use different language to make the people with disabilities feel more included. Our PowerPoint Presentation can be found below, but the videos of the interviewed students are not included at this time.

IDPD Presentation

Chantelle and I also handed out 30 informational pamphlets to people at the University of Regina on December 3rd to help inform them about what type of language is appropriate and inappropriate when referring to people with disabilities. Our hope was to inform others and spread the word that we should be speaking in a way that addresses the person before their disability. Our hope is that you have also learned something from reading this page and that you will either continue or start using appropriate language when addressing people with disabilities and that you will share this valuable knowledge with others.

Here is the pamphlet that we handed out to the people at the University of Regina. International Day of Persons with Disabilities Pamphlet

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~ Lila Gaertner ~