“How have I contributed to the learning of others in #ecmp355?”


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I think that I have contributed to the learning of my classmates and even others outside of this #ecmp355 class in more than one way. For example, I have contributed to others’ learning by interacting with my classmates blogs, Tweeting/Re-Tweeting on Twitter, and commenting/posting in the Google Plus Community. I have also broadened my PLN and made myself feel more connected to others online. Now, let me go into more detail for you.

Classmates Blogs:

As far as commenting on our #ECMP355 blog hub goes, I have been posting on my classmates posts several times a week. And not only am I commenting on their learning project posts, but I am also commenting on their weekly assigned posts as well. Below are some examples.




Since I have only started using Twitter recently, it took me a while to get used to tweeting and re-tweeting, but once I got the hang of it in the first week of classes, I started interacting with others more and more frequently. Not only did I gain classmates as followers, but I also gained other teachers, tech supporters, and crocheters as followers to total around 125 followers! Wow! And this has only been after being on Twitter for 2 months! During these last few months, I have managed to make over 300 tweets and follow 345 people on Twitter and hopefully these people will be able to help me on my journey to becoming a teacher and help strengthen my PLN. Below are some examples of my Tweets, re-tweets, likes, replies, etc. with hashtags such as #ecmp355, #learningproject, and #saskedchat.



Google+ Community:

In the Google Community I have not only asked questions, but I have also answered questions, commented on other classmate’s resources, and posted some of my own resources that I thought would be helpful to others. If you click here you can see all of the comments/posts that I have done on the Google Plus Community. Below are a few examples of what I have commented or posted to help others to help them on their learning journeys.



Thanks for reading about my contributions in #ecmp355.

Till Next Time!