Wilfred Hunt School 1Wednesday, December 2nd was my last field placement at Wilfred Hunt School and that means that the last chapter at Wilfred Hunt is finally coming to a close. It was sad for me to leave, but overall, it ended on a good note because the day was filled with many fond memories. To start off the day, we had a guest speaker come and talk to the Kindergartens. Our guest speaker was a lady from the Regina Humane Society and she talked to the kids about caring and being nice to one another and their pets. It was a very cool presentation because she showed them all of the essentials that a pet owner needs to have to take care of their pet, she read a story to the Kindergartens about a dog being adopted from the Humane Society, and she brought a friendly cat for the kids to pet. I could tell that all of the kids really liked the presentation and petting the cat. Sometimes the cat sneezed and that made the kids jump. It was pretty funny to see their reactions to that. While the lady was presenting, she asked a few good questions which ended up with some really funny answers from the Kindergartens. For example, one question was, “If a dog does not have a dog house and it is stormy and raining outside, what might happen to the dog?” A few of the kids replied at the same time with “They would die.” Then she asked another question, “What would happen if you did not brush your dog’s hair?” One boy answered, “They would get lice.” The final question that got another funny answer was, “What would happen if your cat or dog ate chicken bones?” The kids answered, “They would die.” Haha! I thought it was pretty funny that they thought of these answers and I quite enjoyed seeing the presentation.

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After the presentation, the kids got a chance to take out their book boxes and read their books and look at the pictures. I think that this is a great way to encourage the kids to start to get in the habit of reading books and even creating stories in their heads by just looking at the pictures. This is a great way to teach the kids to be imaginative when they cannot quite read books yet (Book boxes seen in below picture). After their reading time, the Kindergartens had half an hour in the gym where they played four corners, but instead of numbered corners they had different colors in each corner. I thought that this modified game was a great idea for kindergartens because they would not always be able to remember what corner was what number. Having the corners labeled with a simple colored piece of construction paper worked as a visual for the kids to remember which corner was which.

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After recess, I gave the Kindergartens a treat that I had bought. I gave each child a Christmas snowflake cookie as a gift because I wanted them to know how much fun I had with them in their class. I also wanted them to know that it was great to see them learn and learn with them. All of the kids loved the Christmas cookies so much that they wanted more, but I unfortunately did not have enough for everyone to have two; though some of the kids shared their cookies if they were too full. While I was visiting with some of the kids at their tables I noticed that some of the girls were putting their snowflake sprinkles into their water. Haha! That definitely made me laugh a little bit inside.

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Over the past eight weeks, I have gained a refreshed view of what it is like to be a teacher and what it will be like for me to be a teacher in the future. It has seemed like almost every weekly topic that has come up, has been relevant to what is happening in the classroom. Over the last few weeks, I have been learning so much about my learners, the school’s learning environment, the school community, professional knowledge, inclusive education, diversity and difference, the curriculum, and the role of technology in the classroom. All of these topics have been beneficial to learn about and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn from practical experience within a classroom.

This experience in the classroom has affected my overall love for children and I have definitely grown to love children even more than I thought was possible. I have realized that not all aspects in the classroom will be fun, but there will also be learning and growing experiences for me and my students. Some issues will be difficult to deal with, but at the end of the day I believe it will be worth it. I think that there will always be things that I will be learning as I continue on my journey to becoming a teacher, but there are a few things that I need to learn more about before I get there. I would like to learn more about disciplinary skills, lesson planning, and emergency procedures before the end of my teaching experience. I would also like to set some professional goals for myself for the next part of my teaching journey. I would like to continue to learn new ways of teaching, increase my professional knowledge, and increase my abilities to be able to create an equitable classroom. Overall, I know that this field experience was just a small learning experience, but it has prepared me for future learning throughout my education journey and for that I can say that I am truly thankful!

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~ Lila Gaertner ~

Here is a reference Letter from my field placement teacher Mrs. Gorrie.

ECS 100 Reference Letter