Well, here is my first attempt at a Creative Journal. I have no problem with writing things down, but being creative on the other hand is a little bit more difficult for me. I have practiced journal writing over the past many years, but I have not practiced drawing and writing in a creative journal before. This task was an interesting experience for me to practice my creativity and as the semester goes on, I know that I will begin to find these creative journal writing experiences easier and easier.

In the pictures below you can see that I basically started off by writing a journal response. Then I drew pictures on top of my writing. I drew a few small pictures on the first page of my journal as well, but I mostly have larger pictures in the following pages. One the first page I was reminded of my farm as an important part of the environment, so I drew a barn and a flower. I also see the importance in sustaining the environment, so I drew a recycling arrow to represent all types of way to sustain the environment. On the second page you will see some grass, which reminds me of the carbon cycle, photosynthesis, and how plants give off Oxygen for us to breathe. There is also a picture of a canoe to remind me of my many canoe trips, hiking trips, camping trips, and winter camping trips that I went on with CLBI. The last page has a picture of a flower, which helps to remind to admire creation, care for it, and keep it in good condition.

Thanks for reading!

~ Lila Gaertner ~