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June 26, 2017

First Baby Blanket Creation

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This last week I have been looking up a lot of different patterns for baby blankets, so that I can make one for my sister’s new baby that was born on June 14th, 2017. I have found  many cute ideas that have different detailed patterns, but I had already bought my yarn, at the beginning of the semester, before looking up patters to see what colors or weights (Medium, Bulky, Super Bulky, etc.) I needed. Therefore, I decided to look up patterns on Pinterest that were specifically for “Chunky Yarn” Baby Blankets. You can see in the picture above that I have pinned quite a few baby blanket patterns to my “Crocheting Ideas” board. If you want to look at my “Crocheting Ideas” board a little bit closer, feel free to do so.

Crochet rainbow stripes baby blanket is beginner friendly and easy to follow with a free video tutorial and written pattern - the perfect baby shower gift!

I think that if I had held off on buying my yarn a little longer I would have made the baby blanket on the left, which was done by Sewrella, but maybe I will make that baby blanket as a gift for someone else, once they have a baby. Since I did not know what my sister’s baby’s gender was before picking the yarn, I decided to go with a yarn that had lots of colors in it (White, Yellow, Pink, and Blue). This way, no matter the gender, it would have a nice colorful blanket (But not that colors really matter anyways, when giving it to a boy or girl).

So, in the end I decided to pick a baby blanket pattern from Mrs. Brits blog. I chose this pattern because it was a pattern that consisted of more than just single crochet stitches, only used one color of yarn, and had a boarder. It also turned out that I had bought the exact same yarn to work with as Mrs. Brits used in her sample pictures. I also want to provide you all with the pattern, so that you can create your own crochet baby blanket for yourself or a friend one day.

To start off, I used Bernat “Pitter Patter” Baby Blanket yarn and since this yarn is a level 6 super bulky yarn, I decided to use a 8mm crochet hook, instead of a 9mm hook, like the pattern suggested because the 8mm was all that I had. So, since I was using a different sized hook, I had to change the number of stitches across to make the width of the blanket closer to 30″.

My Bernat Baby Blanket Pattern:

To begin – chain 69
Row 1 – sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across, you will have 68 sc.  Ch 1 and turn.
Row 2-6 – repeat row 1. At the end of row 6, you will chain 2 and turn.
Row 7 – dc in first sc from row 6 and in each sc across. Chain 1 and turn. Be sure you still have 60 st, because this wool is thick, it can be tricky on the last st of the row.
Repeat rows 1-7, 10 more times for a total of 77 rows.  You will have 11 sections of 6 rows of sc and 1 row of dc.
Rows 78 – 84 repeat row 1. At the end of row 84 do not chain 1, do an additional 2 sc in the last st to create a corner. You will now begin edging the afghan.  Do a sc in each sc row, with 2 sc in the post of the dc rows, in each corner you will do 3 sc. Once you finish the 3 remaining sides, tie off and weave in your tails.


  • When starting the new ball, don’t tie off the old and then start the new. Just tie the end of the new ball to the end of the old and keep going, crocheting in the knot. When you’re finished, weave in the ends.
  • To make this blanket bigger/longer, you can do your beginning chain row as long as you like in an odd number. For length, just repeat rows 1-7 as you like, ending on a section of rows 1-6 + 1 row of sc (this is the edging for the top of the afghan).
What I learned from doing this baby blanket was that it is easier to just follow along with what the pattern says, rather than changing your crochet hook and then having to change how many chains or rows of crochet you have to do. To be honest, this baby blanket is taking me longer than expected because I am using a different sized hook. I have already spent more than 8 hours on it this week and I plan to work on it for another 4-6 hours on it to get it done. I also plan to make the boarder with white yarn because I am running out of the multicolored yarn and the store in Tisdale is out of the color I need. So far, I’ve enjoyed making this baby blanket and I hope my sister and her baby will like it. I also hope you enjoyed seeing my progress this week and the baby blanket pattern. I hope to get the final project up by next week. 🙂
Till Next Time!

My #ECMP355 Contributions

“How have I contributed to the learning of others in #ecmp355?”


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I think that I have contributed to the learning of my classmates and even others outside of this #ecmp355 class in more than one way. For example, I have contributed to others’ learning by interacting with my classmates blogs, Tweeting/Re-Tweeting on Twitter, and commenting/posting in the Google Plus Community. I have also broadened my PLN and made myself feel more connected to others online. Now, let me go into more detail for you.

Classmates Blogs:

As far as commenting on our #ECMP355 blog hub goes, I have been posting on my classmates posts several times a week. And not only am I commenting on their learning project posts, but I am also commenting on their weekly assigned posts as well. Below are some examples.




Since I have only started using Twitter recently, it took me a while to get used to tweeting and re-tweeting, but once I got the hang of it in the first week of classes, I started interacting with others more and more frequently. Not only did I gain classmates as followers, but I also gained other teachers, tech supporters, and crocheters as followers to total around 125 followers! Wow! And this has only been after being on Twitter for 2 months! During these last few months, I have managed to make over 300 tweets and follow 345 people on Twitter and hopefully these people will be able to help me on my journey to becoming a teacher and help strengthen my PLN. Below are some examples of my Tweets, re-tweets, likes, replies, etc. with hashtags such as #ecmp355, #learningproject, and #saskedchat.



Google+ Community:

In the Google Community I have not only asked questions, but I have also answered questions, commented on other classmate’s resources, and posted some of my own resources that I thought would be helpful to others. If you click here you can see all of the comments/posts that I have done on the Google Plus Community. Below are a few examples of what I have commented or posted to help others to help them on their learning journeys.



Thanks for reading about my contributions in #ecmp355.

Till Next Time!

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