Alright, this may be weird but, I was asked to cybersleuth someone in my ECMP355 class this week. If you are wondering what cybersleuth means, it’s basically when someone does detective work using the Internet to find out who they are and what their digital identity is online. So I asked Pam Milos if I could cybersleuth her on the Internet to see what I could find out about her. When I first Googled Pam Milos the first thing that came up was her LinkedIn account. On that account, I found out that she works at Kelly Services as a receptionist in Regina, Saskatchewan. She has also attended the University of Regina in the Faculty of Arts and she has a Diploma in Sales and Marketing from Robertson Career College.

pam.jpgNext I noticed that I could not find Pam on Facebook. It is either because she does not have Facebook or maybe she has her settings set very privately, so that people have a hard time finding her. Good idea Pam! I did, however, find her on Twitter and her account handle is @PmilosX6. Twitter was where I found a lot more information about her. Through this form of social media, I found out that Pam was born on June 15th; she lives in Regina; she is married to John Milos; she has 4 boys and 2 girls; she is a student at the U of R; and she is interested in elementary education, the Arts, history, speed skating, quilting, crocheting, and the CFL (Pitsburg Penguins). It is also through Twitter that I found Pam’s blog. On her blog, she has more information about herself and posts about her ECMP355 class.

Overall, I found this cybersleuthing an interesting experience. It was fairly easy to start looking up Pam’s information about herself, but she does not have a whole lot of things posted of her, especially photos, so it was hard to find out a lot about her. This is probably a good thing because she is being wise with what is being posted online of herself, which will be there permanently. I would say that Pam has a professional online presence and if I was cybersleuthing her as an employer, I would see that she has presented herself in an excellent way because her main online presence is for professional purposes.

Thanks Pam, for allowing me to be a detective today.

Till next time!