Well, it’s week three here everyone and I am excited to say that I have found a lot of resources that have helped me to learn the basic crochet stitches. For example, this week I learned how to crochet a single stitch pattern, relearned the double stitch and, learned the treble stitch. I used all of these stitches and created them into washcloths. These all took me quite some time to do each of them, but it was so worth it. Out of all of my wash cloths that I made, I would have to say that I like the double stitch the best because it was faster than the single stitch and not as loose as the treble stitch. Below are my final projects.

As I was learning how to start a crochet project, or in my case a washcloth, I was able to learn how to start a project by using Ashleigh’s YouTube Channel called Sewrella. Through using Ashleigh’s channel, I was able to use her instructional videos to teach myself how to get my yarn “joined” onto the hook by making a slip knot. I was also able to learn how to make a chain stitch, add another row to my project, and fasten off the ends by weaving the extra yarn back into the washcloth. I also learned from Ashleigh how to do a single crochet stitch, a double crochet stitch, and a treble crochet stitch. Ashleigh also has other videos on crocheting like learning how to do a half double crochet and a magic ring or circle.

Here is the first video of Sewrella’s Series called “Crochet Beginner Series”. You can find the other videos that I used from her channel in the above paragraph.

Now that I know how to make the single, double, half double, and treble crochet stitches, I can start to tackle beginner projects that have different patterns now. I think next week I am going to teach myself how to make a Granny Square.

Until next time everyone!