I have personally never used Prezi before, but I have seen it used in some of my University classes and even in my Pre-Internship last year. First off, I will give you an overview of Prezi. Then I will give some advantages and disadvantages of using Prezi. I will end with my overall rating.

What is Prezi?

  • An app. that allows you to create a more cinematic and engaging experience for your audience while you present your ideas.
  • It lets you choose between the freedom of the cloud, the security of your desktop, or the mobility of the iPad or iPhone.
  • Prezi is 3D and you can guide your audience through a truly spatial journey. (Zoom out to show the overview of your Prezi, zoom in to examine the details of your ideas, or simply move freely through the Prezi and react to your audience’s input).
  • You can work online or offline.

As I have been searching to learn more about Prezi this week, I came across a really great resource that goes over some of the advantages and disadvantages of Prezi. I added them to my list bellow.


  1. Breaks the Mold – It is not your typical side based presentation. It’s updated and fresh!
  2. Free and Web Based – The basic Prezi package is Free! And it’s more available for those who do not have access to the payed program PowerPoint.
  3. Can Link Text and Images to Movement – The movement can relate to the terms and examples in your Prezi, which then creates a visual link for the students.
  4. Appropriate for All Ages – Prezi has simple icon-based design tools.
  5. Shows Students You’re “Up-to-date” with Technology – Let’s your students know they can try something new too!
  6. Easy to Share with Colleagues, Class, or Friends – You can share easily with friends and co-edit with people around the world.


  1. Can Cause Motion Sickness – It may jump from one screen to the next too quickly for some people.
  2. More of a Learning Curve – You may not have time to learn the tool as well as you would have liked before you use it.
  3. Web-Based – You or your students may have limited wireless internet access or no access to a computer when needed.

Overall, I think that Prezi is a great tool to use as a professional educator in the classroom and it’s also a great tool for students to use for school projects as well. Students who have access to the internet and a computer, of some kind, will be able to access this for their own personal projects and group projects at the same time (co-edit). Therefore, I would rate this app as a 4.5 stars out of 5 because there are many more advantages to this app than disadvantages. Also, it is a modification or transformation of PowerPoint by being upgraded as a presentation tool, but is also made into something new for students to learn to use inside and outside of the classroom.

Thanks for reading!