Write a blog post reflecting on the process of developing the lesson on “Canada as multicultural society” with your group – what were some challenges? What did you learn in the process?

As a group, my 4 classmates and I tried to break down outcome IN5.2 by creating a modified indicator for that outcome and relating it to Treaty Education. This task seemed to be a difficult task for my group members and I, but I do not know why. I think we had a hard time creating the modified indicator and making it simplified enough for a lesson plan. Our modified indicator seemed to be a bit wordy. But once we started thinking, it got easier because we had more than one person working together to come up with ideas. I think we worked well as a group as we came up with the set, development and closure pretty easily. Once we got this far into planning the lesson it was even easier to come up with the differentiations, activities, and Mini Choice Board. I think one of the hardest parts of creating this lesson was creating the modified indicator and incorporating Treaty Ed into it. One of the main things that I learned from this activity was that I need to break down the indicator so small or specifically, so that it is exactly what you are going to teach that day.