In a creative way, talk about aspects of “native science” or Indigenous Ways of Living in Nature that you find most compelling. How do see yourself as part of these knowledge’s? Where do you see your journey continuing or beginning?

What I find most compelling is that Native Science practice attempts to connect the “in-scape” of our human intelligence, a microcosm of the intelligence of the Earth and the Universe with the heart and mind. Art and language, through story, song, and symbolic dance are also used simultaneously to explore relationships to the in-scape (the unique inner nature of a person or object as shown in a work of art) and the land. I also find it interesting that the practice of Native Science begins with settling out specific intentions to seek knowledge from participation with the natural world and then exploring intuition and creative imagination. This is why I created a piece where one can see that Native Science can be practiced through art, song (music), story, and symbolic dance. These four are all connected in a circle because they are all practices of Native Science and together they are stronger. Most of these can also be done at the same time – like symbolic dances can also include song and story telling, as well as they are all forms of art.

I think that once one seeks out Native Science knowledge and has a relationship with the land, they can celebrate that relationship and pass on that knowledge by expressing it in one or all of the four ways that I have listed as Native Science practices. I find that the relationship that the Indigenous peoples’ have with the land is very sacred and I want to be someone who passes on that knowledge. I want to be someone who teaches their students to respect the land, understand the nature or essence of things in our world,  have a relationship that includes all aspects of one’s self, and be able to express all of that creatively.