I found this article to be very interesting because it gives an example of only needing respect in the classroom. One teacher explains to another that they only need one rule in their classroom and all of the other rules fall under the one category of respect. But another teacher says that respect is more of a value because it does not explain “what” needs to be done or followed as a rule in the classroom. I think that it is important as a future educator to understand the difference between a value and a rule because if you do, you will be able to manage your classroom differently, which will then hopefully help the students to respect everyone in the classroom and learn together as a team. I think that I could help the students respect each other by making a classroom covenant with my students. This idea would be helpful so that the students would respect one another through out the year because of the promise/agreement that they made on the covenant. To create the covenant, I would have the students suggest ideas of what they thought was appropriate and not appropriate behavior in the classroom. From there, the class would make a list of rules that we would all agree upon. Even I would agree on the rules, so that the students knew that just because I was the teacher did not mean that I could break the rules. After making up rules like: no swearing or fowl language, keep a positive attitude, encourage one another, help one another when needed, and listen when it is someone else’s turn to talk, I would make sure that all of the students agreed to sign the covenant and promised to do their best at following these rules for the whole year.

I know that some students on the other hand will like a challenge when it comes to school and some will even like a challenge when it comes to focusing on good behavior in the classroom. The article on ClassDojo makes a good point that keeping score of the students behavior is a good way to boost their confidence and even help encourage them to change their behavior when they have made mistakes. I think that challenging them all to reach a certain score would encourage them to be respectful in the classroom all year. Eventually if the students collectively got a certain score, you could host a small party in your class to celebrate their respect for everyone and their willingness to learn. It would be a great celebration for the students to look forward to.

I like both of these articles’ ideas because I feel like they fit nicely into my teaching philosophy. I want to encourage good behavior in my classroom and if making a classroom agreement/promise/covenant and even a sort of competition will help, then I will do it. I think that making a covenant and competition could be fun for the students and it would hopefully make their learning experience more positive overall.