I can’t believe I am already half way done this semester’s Pre-Internship! It’s crazy how time flies when one is having fun! This morning was a lot of fun because I got to go with my students to an event called “Try-a-Trade”. This event had three sessions where the students could pick different booths to go to and try out an activity that dealt with Trades. There were booths with different Trades like: electrician, mechanics, dry wall, carpentry, culinary arts, auto body detailing, graphic design, welding, framing, and make up and hair stylists, etc. It was an enjoyable morning because I got to just roam around the room and watch the students try out different Trades. Some of the activities that were there were very amusing. They looked so fun and intriguing that I wanted to try quite a few of them myself, but held back and just observed for the students’ sake.

In the afternoon, I was able to teach my lesson on sending and receiving a Frisbee. The students seemed very engaged when I asked them questions and they were very excited to learn more about Ultimate Frisbee as well. As I was teaching the lesson, I think that the students seemed to continue to be engaged because they do not get to pass around Frisbees at school very often. This is probably due to the fact that their school actually doesn’t own any Frisbees. I also think that the students were even more excited to use the Frisbees because they were from the University of Regina. As the lesson continued, I noticed that a lot of the grade 7/8’s skill level with a Frisbee was low, but they progressed by doing the drills before the game was introduced, which was nice to see. Since we played a similar game last week, only with beanbags, it was mostly a review as to what the rules were for Ultimate Frisbee. There were some minor blips of unsportsmanlike attitudes and actions throughout the game of Ultimate Frisbee, but overall, the students played pretty well and had fun while doing so.  As they played, every once in a while, I would stop them to give them some pointers or hints on what strategies they could use to improve their skills in the game. My questions seemed to be timed well and I even waited to see if they had anything they wanted to say.

Compared to last week, I think I have gained a little bit more respect from my students, which was a nice improvement. I had one student act out in my Phys. Ed. lesson, but then they later apologized for being so disruptful. This kind of shocked me, but I was very thankful for their apology. I know it is hard for Middle Years students to open up and feel comfortable around new people, so I feel honored that they are starting to feel more comfortable around me and respect me more as their teacher. I look forward to the second half of my Pre-Internship this semester and getting to build relationships with my students and learn from them. I am up for the challenge!