Well, another day is done! Let’s just say I am glad it is over. This day was an interesting day because first of all, I switched my lesson plan on Tuesday after speaking to my Phys. Ed. Professor, so that the students would slowly progress into playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Second of all, while I was at my school, my classmate and I had our lessons back to back, which ended up running into my planned Phys. Ed. lesson. This day seemed like it was a bit of a scramble. My classmate did her lesson first after lunch with a wonderfully planned Science lesson that dealt with ecosystems, but the students seemed to be a bit wound up and most of them had a hard time listening. So in this case, like I mentioned, her lesson ran a little bit later, which then ran into my class’ tightly scheduled 1/2 hour gym time. So I was left with only 10-15 minutes in the gym before French class started.

While the lesson before me was still happening, my Co-op teacher asked if my lesson could be continued outside. I agreed that I could finish it outside, so we had 10 minutes inside the gym, which included introducing how to send and receive a beanbag and then the students had to go to French class. After French class, we reviewed by talking about what we did in the gym. Then we reviewed what strategies would help them in playing an invasion/territorial game. Once that was done, the students packed up and brought their backpacks outside to be ready for their recess after my lesson was finished. I had to adjust my lesson by getting out pylons to set the boundaries outside on the pavement for the game, but it all worked out even though we were not in the gym. By this time, the teams were already made while we were inside, but the students were so wound up because it was the end of the day, that they had a hard time listening to me as well. My whistle didn’t even really get their attention. But once I did get their attention, I explained the rules and then started a game that is very similar to Ultimate Frisbee, but with a beanbag instead. Once the game started it seemed like the kids were a little bit more involved. I don’t know what it was, but the students had a hard time listening and participating all day. It must have just been one of those days for them I guess.

After all the chaos was over, I still think the lesson went pretty well considering my circumstances. My Co-op teacher even commented that she thought I did a great job at being flexible in my lesson and just going with the flow. I think one of my strengths is not showing that I am panicking on the inside and that I can calmly get things done and organized even though they don’t go as I have originally planned. Today was definitely a learning opportunity for me because I got to experience that everything doesn’t always go as you plan it.

Aside from my lesson, I really enjoyed getting the chance to talk with my school’s Kokum/elder during my lunch break. It was great to hear about the work that she is doing in three different schools in Regina. Another thing that I enjoyed was that I got my very own beaded lanyard from one of the teacher’s assistants from my school. I had ordered it last week and it was made and ready for me this week. So I gladly paid her for it, thanked her, and told her to thank her daughter for making for me as well (There is a picture of it at the top of my blog). I love the colors and I am appreciative of the time and technique that it took to make it.