Hello everyone,

My name is Lila Gaertner and I am looking forward to my third year in the Middle Years Education program. I have finished a weeks worth of classes already, so I have a pretty good idea of what is expected of me. So aside from classes that help prepare me to enter my Pre-Internship, I think I am doing pretty well.

This semester I hope to be able to gain experience in the classroom which will help make me feel more comfortable in a formal classroom setting. I want to be able to experience what it will really be like to teach a full lesson. I would also like to practice my professionalism in my university class and my internship classroom. I want to be able to represent U of R in a professional way and also present myself as someone who takes this Education degree seriously. Finally, I wish to be able to come to the classroom with an open mind. I know that there are going to be an abundance of learning opportunities ahead of me in this semester, so I want to be open minded and ready for anything to happen. I am willing to take on any challenge that this program throws at me. So here we go! A new adventure awaits! Geronimo!

~ Lila Gaertner ~