I think that many schools are resistant towards Treaty Education because the teachers have many misconceptions or fears about teaching it in their classrooms. Some teachers seem to think that they do not need to teach Treaty Education because there are not a lot of First Nations, Metis, or Inuit children in their classrooms, but this in fact is not an excuse to not teach Treaty Education in your classroom. Teachers may have a misconception about Treaty Education because they have forgotten that we are all Treaty people. They may not even know that the treaties were written agreements between the Government and the First Nations people to share the land. Regina is a part of Treaty 4 and it has been a part of that Treaty since 1874 when it was signed, therefore, it is a part of our history and important for all people to be aware of. We need to all be aware of what agreement we are in with the First Nations people and respect that. It is important to also know the history of the Residential schools and know how the white people mistreated and oppressed them. This will give the white students more of an understanding what some of the First Nation’s families or grandparents would have gone through. Teaching Treaty Education as “Settler Education” may be an easier way to draw students into the topics and you may even see less rebuttal. As a teacher, you have to make sure that your students know that the purpose of this Treaty education is to make them more aware of their Canadian history, know that they are settlers to Canada, and know that they are included in the Treaties because they are Treaty people who still live and share the land with the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people on this land that we all call our home.

I believe that “we are all treaty people” and this needs to be constantly taught in all schools across Saskatchewan. I believe that this is important because Treaty Education is supposed to be taught throughout the Saskatchewan curriculum. I am not saying that this only needs to be taught because it is in the curriculum, but that it also needs to be taught because there are truths about our history that need to be uncovered. We need to uncover our mistakes and make up for them for the future. We can do this by realizing that we are Treaty people and becoming aware that we need to keep our end of the deal. I think that white people need to be humbled and realize that we are settlers to Canada and that we did not always live here. We need to realize that we do not have ownership to the land that we live on, but that we have a shared agreement with the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people to share the land together. We need to make sure that Treaty or Settler Education is being taught in our schools, so that everyone is more aware that we are all in this together and  that we are all Treaty people.