Well here we go again! Another post on an Environmental topic.

First off I would like to open with a quote from Fritjof Capra. Capra states in his article that Environmental Education is “preparing students to participate effectively as members of sustainable communities” (p.9) Therefore, I see myself as an environmentalist who want to participate effectively as a member of a sustainable environment. I always find that if I am even not in an environmentally friendly situation, I try to help sustain the environment in any way that I can. This could be seen as an example of ecoliteracy.

The definition of Ecological literacy (also referred to as ecoliteracy) is “the ability to understand the natural systems that make life on earth possible.” To be ecoliterate, on the other hand, means “understanding the principles of organization of ecological communities (ecosystems) and using those principles for creating sustainable human communities.” By looking at these definitions, I see myself being ecologically literate by understanding the principles of organization that have evolved in the ecosystems over the past 1000 of years.  I would also say that I am ecoliterate by recycling and reusing whatever materials are capable of being recycled and reused at this time or by even just taking care of the environment to create or sustain a sustainable human community. I am ecoliterate by understanding how the environment, its natural systems, ecosystems, cycles, ecological communities work. I am also ecoliterate by developing empathy for all life forms and by making the invisible visible. By feeling empathy for even the smallest life forms or the ones that are taken for granted, I can make these known to other people and make the invisible become visible, so that others can feel empathy for those life forms as well and hopefully want to do something for them by taking care of them, restoring them, or even by just making sure no one takes advantage of them.

Here is my creative journal of what I though of while thinking about Ecoliteracy.

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